CDC Caddis Tutorial

May 23, 2019
Posted in Fly Tying
May 23, 2019 DCO

CDC & Deer Hair Caddis

Michael Faulkinbury ties up the CDC and deer hair caddis fly. A great pattern for Arizona and anywhere that caddis can be found-which is everywhere! The CDC traps air just like a real caddis, and this fly can be fished many different ways. Dead drift it, strip it through the water column to imitate an emerging bug, or skirt it across the waters surface to imitate egg laying. This pattern has brought many a nice fish to his net and deserves a few spots in your fly box.

Hook: tmc 101 or equivalent dry fly hook size 20 to 12
Thread: 6/0 to 8/0 to match the size of the fly
Body: full CDC feather in preferred color( if you have sparse CDC, tie in two).
Wing: Elk, deer, or caribou.
Hints, each hair has a different color scheme, use the color hair you want to match the bugs on the water.

Stop by the shop to grab the materials listed above, and if you aren’t much for tying don’t worry, we also stock some of these CDC caddis tied by the man himself.


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